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Fast and easy employee scheduling app and
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Save hours managing your team with Blend’s automatic rota schedule maker.

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Build your team in Blend by inviting employees directly from your contacts. Create and assign job roles to let them perform specific shifts. Use Blend’s workforce management system to plan your staff’s working hours, vacation allowances and off days.

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Streamlined shift planning and employee management

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Set up your weekly employee work schedule template in minutes. Create your weekly shifts and assign specific job roles or positions. Easily set the required coverage and the number of personnel needed to perform each daily shift to build your recurring weekly staff schedule.

Review time off requests when it matters most

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Review your team’s time-off requests for the upcoming week before creating your schedule. Blend will always make sure you never skip any staff requests.

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Easily set coverage and staff roster requirements

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Blend easily lets you set and adjust your shift requirements and coverage needs for each week. Define your basic shifts in the schedule template or adjust them on the fly when creating your staff rota.

Fast and easy employee scheduling

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Save valuable time on staff scheduling by using Blend’s schedule maker to create your staff rota in a few taps. Use Autofill, Blend’s intelligent algorithm, to automatically generate your staff schedule in seconds.

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Everyone on the same page, always

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Blend notifies your employees when you publish a work schedule so they can view their weekly rota and know when they’re working. Blend reminds your staff when their next shift is coming up, so you’ll never have to leave your bartender a missed call ever again!

Your weekly work schedule at a glance

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My Schedule view gives your employees a clear view of their weekly work schedule as soon as they open the app. By tapping on any given work day they can see who is working with them and who has a day-off.

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Find last minute replacements in a pinch

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Use Shift Swap to find and replace employees in a few taps. Blend ensures shift swaps are fair while avoiding unnecessary overtime to save you time and money.

Automatic staff schedule generator

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Use Blend’s Autofill feature to generate your work schedule in a few seconds. Blend’s scheduling app analyses your weekly rota template, shift requirements, and staff leave to determine your optimal schedule.

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Mobile first, with managers in mind

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Blend is the first scheduling app and management software built for mobile first, with workforce managers in mind. Blend is available on Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, so you and your staff can Blend on the go from anywhere. Blend for web is coming soon!

Benefits of using Blend

Generate your staff schedule in seconds using Blend’s schedule generator.
Create your weekly work schedule on the go with the Blend mobile app.
Weekly work schedule template makes it easy to create your staff rota.
Find and replace employees and swap shifts in a matter of taps.
Always know your employee availability, making shift planning a breeze.
SMS notifications for users without smartphones.

Frequently asked questions

A scheduling app, or scheduling software, makes it easy and simple to create staff schedules and rotas, manage employee teams and their working hours, and manage time off requests from any location and any device. Scheduling software replaces messy and time-consuming pen-and-paper scheduling methods and spreadsheet templates.

Blend Autofill is a powerful automatic schedule generator tool which lets managers create an optimal staff rota with the tap of a button. Blend Autofill's automatic scheduling algorithm analyzes employee working hours, time off and your business' shift requirements to generate an ideal work schedule for your employees.

Team scheduling can be difficult and time-consuming. Blend is a simple yet powerful employee management and scheduling app which takes the pain out of staff scheduling and employee management. Blend’s unique interface and design makes tasks like staff scheduling and shift planning, workforce management and time off management fun, fast and fair. Blend can schedule your team almost instantly by automatically generating your schedule with a single tap.

Yes! Blend has in-app live chat support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch by tapping the Live Support button inside the Dashboard menu in the Blend mobile app, or by using the chat bubble on our website.

Yes! Blend has full-featured messaging and chat features. Blend Chat lets you keep in touch with your team the same way you do with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. while keeping your work life separate from your personal life. You can create groups, share files and audio messages easily through Blend Chat.

Blend can send your employees their schedule via SMS message. Simply enable SMS notifications for employees you want to receive their schedule via SMS in their Blend team profiles.

Yes! Blend has in-built time off features allowing you to manage your employee leave balances, allow your employees to request leave or days off within the Blend mobile app, and manage fixed days off. Blend’s scheduling software knows when your staff is away and generates your optimal schedule.

Blend logs all your staff schedules and shifts. You can view reports in the Blend app or export reports as an Excel spreadsheet directly to your email inbox with the tap of a button. Reports contain all the shifts and working hours of each individual employee, taking the guesswork out of payroll management.

Blend’s powerful scheduling features help you simplify your scheduling and save you time and money. Creating your staff rota and shift schedule is easy with Blend, especially with the Blend Autofill automatic schedule generator. Communicate with your employees with Blend Chat, manage your team’s time off and leave requests and view and export your shift reports to manage your payroll easily. Get rid of the paperwork, get Blend.

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