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Manage leave easily with Blend’s employee management software.

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Take time off of reviewing time-off requests

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Team members wanting time-off can view their annual leave balance and submit their requests to their managers directly through Blend, saving everyone time.

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Approve time-off requests on the go

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Check and approve time-off and leave requests instantly from your Blend Dashboard. Manage your team’s time-off and leave balances in Blend and assign fixed days-off to individual team members.

Never be short on staff again

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Use Shift Swap to find and replace employees in your work schedule with a few taps. Blend ensures shift swaps are fair while avoiding unnecessary overtime to save you time and money.

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Benefits of using Blend

Give your employees a better experience.
Approve leave and time off requests with a single tap.
Reduce back-and-forth.
Seamlessly manage days off and vacation balances.
Always know your team’s availability when it matters most.
Use Blend scheduling app for free for up to 5 employees.

Frequently asked questions

Leave management is how businesses handle employee time off like holidays and vacations. Leave management usually has to do with how many yearly days of annual leave as well as fixed weekly days off employees are entitled to by law, as well as other types of leave. Leave management software is essential to managing employee leave for any business.

Leave management software saves time by streamlining the admin work that is usually associated with employee leave. It saves everyone time and reduces back-and-forth between managers and staff. Leave management software allows businesses to manage their employees’ leave, simplifies the process by which employees make leave requests and ensures that there’s someone available to cover their shifts while they’re away.

Yes! You can set a fixed number of days of paid annual leave per year per employee which they can request at any given moment. Employees make requests for both annual leave and days off through the My Schedule screen. When managers use the Schedule creator to create their weekly staff schedule in seconds, they can review all pending requests for that week.

Yes, if your team member can only work certain days of the week, you can easily set fixed off days for them through their profile. Blend Autofill automatic scheduling software will block out those days and won’t schedule them to work on those days. Learn more about automatic scheduling.

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