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Employees receive shift clock-in reminder

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Utilizing reminders can significantly enhance employee punctuality and productivity by ensuring timely arrival at work and prompt task commencement. These reminders are especially valuable for employees who struggle with remembering to clock in when beginning their shifts, effectively averting instances of tardiness and mitigating the need for disciplinary measures.

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Clock in location

Location enabled clock-in/out

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Implementing location-based clock-in/out systems guarantees the physical presence of employees at their assigned work locations during clock-in, effectively minimizing the potential for time fraud. This technology prevents common issues like off-site clock-ins or the misuse of 'buddy punching' tactics.

Compare scheduled VS actual working hours

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Experience seamless scheduling analysis with Blend's clock-in feature. Easily compare your scheduled working hours to your actual clock-in times through our cutting-edge reporting tools. This empowers managers to achieve a comprehensive grasp of timesheets, enhancing the efficiency of tracking and analysis.

Clock in accuracy
Clock in advanced reporting

Advanced reporting of working hours

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Clock-in/out reports are beneficial for your establishment because they provide valuable data for payroll accuracy, compliance, operational efficiency, and employee performance management. They also help you make informed decisions that can positively impact your business's bottom line.

Benefits of using Blend

Easily keep track of your daily tasks and chores.
See today’s tasks and upcoming ones at a glance.
Repeat tasks for daily, weekly or monthly purposes, and never worry about them again!
All tasks are shared between the whole team, one for all, all for one!
Staff members receive notifications for when their task is about to begin.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, employees can add a note for their managers to see every time they clock-in/out.

Yes, managers have the option to get push notifications every time an employee clock-in/out early or late.

Yes, managers get a timesheet report everyday from which they can edit and approve the clock-in/out times.

Employees get push notifications on their phones reminding them to clock-out at the end of their shifts. If they don’t, managers can edit and set a clock-out time.

No, employees cannot edit the clock-in/out time. If a mistake was made they can add a note explaining the situation.

Yes, the geolocation coordinates feature will prevent employees from clocking-in when they are not on-site.

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