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schedule staff

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Fast and easy employee scheduling

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Save valuable time managing staff schedules with Blend’s simple scheduling software. Create and share your weekly staff rota in seconds and notify your staff when they’re working.

Shift Scheduling Software

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Simplified leave management

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Monitor and approve leave and time off requests on the go. Reduce back-and-forth by managing your team’s time off and leave balances and assigning fixed days off to individual team members

Leave Management Software

Automatically generated smart staff rotas

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Save hours on workforce management by using Blend’s Autofill employee schedule generator to make and share your rota in seconds. Blend makes team scheduling fast, fair and fun!

Auto Scheduling Software

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Easy payroll with schedule reporting

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Forget messy paper timesheets or digging through your staff schedule. Blend tracks your shifts and generated schedules and provides you with reports for easy payroll management.

Reporting & Analytics

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Everyone connected in one place

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Give your team a better experience by keeping all work-related conversations in Blend. Leave the WhatsApp and Messenger groups for memes rather than menus.

Team Communication

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Today’s staff schedule at a glance

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Check your upcoming shift, see today’s staff rota, and make important announcements to your entire team. Check the My Schedule view to see what your week looks like.

Today’s View Dashboard

Desktop version

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Prefer working on a big screen? Blend is now available on Mac and Windows computers, giving the same experience as mobile, but on a big screen!

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Better staff scheduling

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Shift swap

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Employee can’t make their shift? Never be short on staff again. Blend suggests suitable replacements so you can easily swap team member shifts on the fly.

Free consultation

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One of our local experts is always on hand to help you configure Blend through chat or phone. Book a quick demo and learn how Blend can help your business.

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