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Integrated team communication and
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Better workplace communication and team building with Blend team chat.

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All your team communications in one place

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Blend’s built in messaging app helps keep your team connected without any other services. Separate their personal lives from work, and keep your staff up to date.

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Manage workplace communication across multiple departments

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Create group chats in Blend for every department or team, enabling department-specific communications in a single place.

Organizational communication simplified

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Blend’s messaging app features the familiar text bubble interface. Share files, photos and voice messages with your employees, and keep your communications secure and in one place.

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Benefits of using Blend

Give your staff a better experience.
Share files, photos and voice messages.
Organize all workplace communications in one place.
Use Blend Chat for free for up to 5 employees.
Create groups for different departments or teams.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You can message your team directly in the Blend mobile app for Android and iOS.

Yes! Simply tap the New icon in the My Messages screen, select the team members you want to add to the Team Chat. Give it a name, a group photo and off you go!

Yes! You can upload files, send photos or record voice messages to share with your team just like any other messaging app you’re used to.

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